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John Cog: Press

"'Bay Blues Fools' is the best album since Cog's first CD, 'Bay Blues,' and both are much better than Michael Jackson's 'Thriller'"!

CD Review by - John Cog

"Step aside, Lennon and McCartney, 'Sgt. Pepper,' and 'Abbey Road' ain't got nothin' on Cog's 'Bay Blues' and 'Bay Blues Fools!'"

After a few beers, says - John Cog

"I have seen the future of sophisticated blues, and it's name is John Cog, not that other Bruce guy."

Mrs. Coggeshall, mother of - John Cog

"Rumors of Victoria's Secret swimsuit models posing privately for Mr. Cog cannot be confirmed or denied, but fun may be involved..."

Industry gossip spread by - John Cog

"I'd buy a hundred thousand copies of 'Bay Blues,' and 'Bay Blues Fools' every day of the week, fifty-two weeks a year, if I had that kind of money!"

Bill Gates, but really it's - John Cog