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Time And Big Money Blues

John Cog


With serious stuff to say, important things that had to be proclaimed no matter how long it took (or how repetitious it became) still, seven minutes of "Big Money Blues" was too much, so the song got divided into two songs giving everyone a break.  About that break?  Those of you who purchased the hard copy CD may have noticed the moment of silence (okay, five minutes of silence) between the previous song, "I Can't Find It", and this one.  What's wrong with quiet time?  You were waiting for a song...and couldn't find it. A President is mentioned here somewhere, too.  


Time and Big Money Blues


The way we spend, babe,

The way it's been, babe.  The way we lend, babe.

It's like we're liars.  Financial fires.

Financial dummies in old newspaper funnies.

We look so freakin' ragtag, a credit grab bag.

It's like in Baghdad.  Oh yes, it's that bad.

Now I'm readin' news clips 'bout all them blue chips.

I got no recourse. I need that resource.

All the cash we kiss off?  Makes me so pissed off.

I'll shake my fist off, I'd slit my wrist off.

Damn, I get so jealous of Rockefellers.

Now who's dealin' chump change?  That Donald Trump game?

Baby, you can lash out, but I will cash out,

And take up residence with them dead presidents.

It ain't no love affair, no.  Muy bien dinaro.

Give me some Benjamins.  Rich people, send them in!

And just to make it rhyme, love, say it one more time, love:

"It's only money."  But dammit, honey,

I need the time, love.  I need that money.

I need to leave you and stay hungry.

(c) 2010 John Coggeshall

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