Pardon My Music

Middle Age Blues

John Cog
John Cog


      "Do not go gentle into that good night. Rage, rage..." -Dylan Thomas.


        Wuzzat hangin' over my pants?
        Wuz dat in the way o' romance?
        On my home what arrives in advance?
        Off a dance floor what continues to dance?
        Spare tire? Well fed?
        Jelly belly? But when ya can't get out o' bed
        It's Middle Age. Mm, think I got a fever.
        Long ago I use ta feel svelte.
        Before this industrial strength belt.
        Now the doctors say, "It's just as we feared."
        My bellybutton's up an' disappeared.
        Muffin tops on display. 
        Love handles. Stick my foot in the grave
        It's Middle Age. Argh.
        Now spring for the whole song and hear what's here!