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Hey, Daydreamer

Regina Brooks and John Cog
John Cog


      Studio version of the live version from the two-act mega musical, "Brother John Reborn!"


          Dreams belong
          Like we belong
          To yesterday.
          Hey daydreamer, lay your head on my shoulder.
          The dream is over.
          Don't cry, it's okay.
          What they say fades away.
          Hey, daydreamer, when they say never
          Believe and dream forever?
          Well, they say follow the rules wishing well fools.
          That's what they say.
          We can follow foolish dreams,
          Feelin' like a father and mother to them.
          Then tomorrow, oh it seems,
          Just like children, we will lose them.
          We don't mean to.
          Do like children do. Like children...
          Daydreamer, even fools get older.
          Even you'll get over
          This time. Living a lie, you and I
          Stop cryin' for yesterday.
          Dreamer, we've followed some foolish dreams,
          Still feelin' like a father and a mother to them.
          Tomorrow's here and now it seems,
          Just like children, we will lose them.
          Always losin' dreams belong
          Like we belong
          To yesterday. 
          Dreamer, hey, what good are they today?

        (c) 2013 John Coggeshall Worldwide Administration Rights controlled by Cogco Music, LLC.