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Captain John

John Cog
John Cog


      Living near a great military base up north then settling near a great military base down south provided the "fighting forces" feel here. During radio stints, someone requested a song about the first Gulf War. "Desert Storm," was written but that rewrite took longer than the four-day war! So a third overnight rewrite, "Welcome Home, Champions!" got plenty of airtime backing videos of returning troops. Although still in a military context, "Captain John," is really about anyone with a difficult job to do away from home: the dedication work demands and the sadness felt by loved ones left behind. 


        Stay safe, so far away.
        Stay safe, so far away now.
        Ain't no hurry, maybe twenty minutes more,
        Down on the dock when Captain John sails off to war.
        Don't cry, all that water takes him from your fingertips.
        In this cold gray mornin', sailin' on gray ships.
        So long, Captain John.
        Come back when all the wars are gone.
        'Til that time, just say a prayer, everyday,
        To keep you safe, far away from harm.
        John hates goodbyes, no tears ever fall
        from his face. He is standing, when Johnny hears the call.
        Some might cry, some won't follow.
        Well, he hears it all the time,
        Every cold early mornin', one bell bottom line...
        Not so long, my Captain John.
        You come right back when all the wars are gone.
        'Til that time, just say a prayer, everyday,
        To keep you safe 'n far away from harm...
        Oh, my Captain John! 
        Ain't' no hurry, but only one minute more.
        Down on the dock he's sailin' off to another shore.
        Now hear that sound?
        Damn the oceans, just tearin' John apart.
        He'll take your love and the tears,
        You keep pourin' out your heartbreak.
        So long for Captain John!
        Sayin' "Come right back when all the wars are gone."
        'Til that time, well, just say a prayer everyday.
        Don't make him sail so far away.
        Say, "Come back home someday,"
        Until that time, bye bye Captain John.
        (c) 2010 John Coggeshall Worldwide Administration Rights controlled by Cogco Music, LLC.