Pardon My Music

Big Money Blues

John Cog


Disapproval rears its ugly head:  "Ooh, the song is cold."  "The singer is cruel and selfish."  "What a heartless jerk!"  Well, lemme tell ya:  life's hard, money's gone, bills due, love's dead, dreams shot, everything hurts an' everyone's drunk.  That's blues.  If you want happy buy a puppy.


Big Money Blues

And that's the way it's got to be.

I do believe it's time to find a great big money tree.

I'm not too crazy 'bout the way the world

Takes it out of me.  Damn this cold cash world.

Never thought I'd see so much to hate.

No, never thought I'd find no time to wait for you.

I'm talkin' big money blues.  Back payment dues.

They got to me.  Oh, can't you see?

Oh yes, they got me comin' and goin' round and round,

Like a comic book clown knocked down, and on my knees.

So how can you say good things come free?

When we rob ol' Pete to pay Paul, dodge a credit card call,

Still waitin' for the big windfall.

Back to that wall.  Blackballed. Do you recall?

That that's all we can see, and it's no kind of life.

Money and dreams cut like a knife and come between us...

I do believe.  So that's the way it's got to be,

I've got to leave.  I have to breathe.  I can't make believe.

Someday they say you'll see me struttin' down some street somewhere,

Hustlin' bucks like a billionaire.

Maybe pickin' deep pockets, steppin' big time,

Maybe lookin' at love like a kind of indefinable crime.

What I've got's a locked deposit box of unforgotten

Dreams that drive me out of my mind...

A part of me I never see with you:  so blue, so blind.

And so unkind.  And I can't find my piece of mine.

Damn, I need time, love.  I need money.

I need to leave you and stay hungry.

Hey, I can't find it.  I want money.

Mama, got to leave you.  It ain't funny.

Babe, I can't find it, and stay hungry.

Well, I'm gonna leave you, and make money.

Got to, got to find it, and stay hungry.

No time for grievin', I'll just be leavin'.

Even if I find it, without money,

I'm gonna leave you.  I'm gonna leave you.

You say I'm so unkind, love, my state of mind, love.

But tell me, honey, who's hot?  Who's hot for money?

You see, I'm done believin', I'm done deceivin'.

I'm gonna leave you, stay far away, now.

Yes, I can't define "love".  Some kind of crime, love,

I don't believe it.  Nobody sees it

In this daily grind, now, it makes me blind, now.

Cloudy or sunny, it's not too hot for money.

Baby, don't remind me.  You'll never find me.

I ain't no rock star.  I got no drachma.

Got to, got to find it, and stay hungry.

I got this feelin', I got this feelin'...

So step aside, babe, check a real success.

Say Visa, Master Card, damn (Uh!) Amex.

How the rich get richer and the poor get poor,

An' the people in the middle ain't got no more.

Say, take a politician or a good musician,

The only difference I can tell's the price of admission.

Now play the piano, people like that song,

But stand an' salute an' you can do wrong.

When your pockets get picked, don't cry to me,

'Cause you can fix Big Gov, or the semi-private "e".

Will we get what we want?  Or do we go an' pound sand,

On a daily basis near the Promised Land?

Now, who's too whipped to know bad water from beer?

Well, it ain't me, babe.  I'm out'a here!

It never ends...

(c) 2010 John Coggeshall

Worldwide Administration Rights controlled by Cogco Music, LLC.