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Bay Blues

John Cog
John Cog


        As an independent candidate with a "Save The Bay" campaign, I ran for office and lost. The bay's been losing for years: overfishing, oil spills, toxic waste, neglect and non-stop abuse. But very interesting people live and work here. They have a style/maverick spirit that should be celebrated and shared (some say jailed and forgotten). A waterfront studio was built and I and started writing/recording songs about bay life. This was the first. An indictment, a finger-point, an accusation. A condemnation of all those who despoil beautiful water as if sung by the bay itself.  Someday, our bay shall be released!



          Got the bay blues baby, blues by the bay, hey baby.
          Bay blues babe, blues on the bay, hey baby.
          A copyrighted concept, owned and operated by me.
          Got some bay blues baby,
          Years and years and years of bad news.
          Yeah, blues every day, from my head to my baby blue shoes.
          Hey, buckle up baby, now ya got to pay me some dues.
          I got the big bad blues, some mothers dumpin' somethin' on me.
          Yeah, bad ass dudes so crude, dumpin' somethin' for free!
          These big bad bay blues just won't let me be.
          Now ya see, it's like this: I could say somethin' here,
          About the water ain't clear,
          It's muddy. Ain't funny.
          Hip deep in big bay money...
          Save the bay for babies, somebody stop what you did.
          I'm done kiddin'.
          Save the bay for babies, everything's underneath, hid.
          It's gonna come unhidden.
          I look so good on top,
          underwater I'm dead.
          That's what I said.
          Let's get wet. Not yet,
          You get upset. Huh, don't fret,
          or forget, 'cause you bet...
          You can't go crabbin'. Whatcha catch, ain't worth havin',
          It's all gone, it's not comin' back.
          Too late cleanin' up that...
          Black record, you treat me like yesterday's news.
          Yes, you got me singin' these bay blues baby,
          everybody, everybody lose.
          When it's you gettin' screwed, makes you wanna drink bad booze,
          and stay stewed.
          The bay blues. Baby baby baby we lose. A bad day,
          For blue bay, baby baby baby, I say, bay blues.
          Bad news everyway, in the mud and the blood and the ooze.
          Keep a-cruisin' and losin'. Bay blues.
          Baby baby baby, we lose. Bay blues.
          Maybe maybe maybe, you choose bay blues,
          So pay me, pay me some due. Pay dues!
          An' save me, save me from you bay fools!
          Hey, save me. Hey, hey baby, you know who's
          so screwed? Maybe it's you.

        (c) 2010 John Coggeshall Worldwide Administration Rights controlled by Cogco Music, LLC.