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Angel Angelina

John Cog
John Cog


      Una cancion para todos mis amigos espanoles y los fanaticus.


          El padre habla a su hija.
          I love you, no one else.
          An' off you go, don't hurt yourself.
          So cocksure, reckless an' poor.
          You can be so insecure.
          Can't you see, Angel?
          You got me, Angel.
          Now get what you need, Angelina.
          I love you, that's all.
          You run an' dance on down the hallway.
          Cool it, Babe, quit foolin' around!
          You can't cool Senorita Ballerina down.
          Can't you see, Bebe?
          You'll get what you need, Bebe,
          'Cause you got me, Angel Angelina.
          Ah, Mi nina...
          (Si!) You got your grand schemes and
          (Si!) Well, I got my granddad dreams so
          (Si!) We can open our eyes, Angel,
          (Si!) An' take a look and believe, what we...
          (Si!) I'll love you, even when you go
          You'll stay in my heart,
          Down in my soul now.
          'Cause someday, there ain't no doubt,
          Some muchacho come an' take my Angelina out now.
          And who will that be, Angel?
          Somebody like me, Angel,
          And I believe he will be an angel, Angelina.
          Ah, my ballerina, sweet Senorita,
          Mad, mad dreamer, lovely make believer,
          Hurricane Katrina nah, nah...
          Eh, No se ve, Bebe, Para siempre, Nina,
          (Si!) See you and me? Angelina.
          Eh, you should see her,
          Ah, such a schemer.
          Mm, nobody meaner,
          Hey my Angelina's
          Hurricane Katrina.
          Bebe ballerina,
          Mm, te necesito, ah, Senorita,
          Mm, me necesita, ah, mi Amiga.
          Padre a hija, Angel Angelina.
          Mm, mad dream believer,
          Amar Angelina.
          Schemin' Senorita,
          Lovely make believer,
          Angel Angelina.

        (c) 2013 John Coggeshall Worldwide Administration Rights controlled by Cogco Music, LLC.