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John Cog: Music

Alice Blue Gown

(Helen M. Coggeshall)
June 15, 2013
      Helen M. Coggeshall, 1918 - 2012, one of the great sopranos of the late twentieth century. Unknown outside her small New England church (genuine modesty/family devotion kept her from the spotlight), Mrs. Coggeshall nevertheless cast an angelic spell over anyone lucky enough to hear her. "Alice Blue Gown" is an excerpt from a rare acetate recording made somewhere between 1938 and 1940. I'm truly blessed to share the stage, however briefly, with her crystal clear voice. Happy Mother's Day forever, Mrs. C.
        I once had a gown, it was almost new,

        'twas the daintiest thing, it was sweet Alice Blue.

        With little forget-me-nots, placed here and there,

        When I had it on, I walked on the air...

        Performance (c)John Coggeshall
        Worldwide Administration Rights controlled by Cogco Music, LLC.