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John Cog: Music

Connecticut Christmas

(John Cog)
June 15, 2013
John Cog
      In the history of popular music, from caveman grunts to what's happening now, this may be the only full length song ever written with the word "Connecticut" in it. Way to go, Yankees! 'twas written the night before.
        1st Yankee: Ay, man! Merry Christmas!
        2nd Yankee: Yeah, you too!
        1st Yankee; I got somethin' for ya...
        2nd Yankee: Oh yeah?
        1st Yankee: ...Right here!
        2nd Yankee; Well, let's hear it!
        1st Yankee: Hey, you got it, man...

        Who's strollin' up a nutmeg road,
        breathin' clean Connecticut cold?

        Slowed down voices I hear, ol' faces appear,
        They're everywhere I go, and oh,

        I know those Connecticut roads,
        they're takin' me home, my Yankee soul's a-goin'

        Straight back home to my own
        Connecticut Christmas.

        I'm just a travelin' man,
        Now I'm on my way, my memories in hand.

        I got some holiday planned,
        Soft light shinin' on my land.

        I see, here, just a-waitin' for me,
        I'm feelin' ev'ry step, ev'ry Christmas Eve,

        An' they comfort me hearin' silent night melodies.
        See? I'll be

        Strollin' up Nutmeg Roads,
        I'm breathin' clean Connecticut cold.

        So many voices I hear, red faces appear,
        they stop and say, "Hello!" and

        Don't they know those Connecticut roads?
        They're takin' me home, my Yankee soul's a-goin'.

        Straight back home by my own
        Connecticut Christmas roads...

        ...ev'ry evergreen,
        Ev'ry scenes in falling snow.

        They're everywhere I go.
        They're all the childhood dreams I know.

        Hard times won't wait but they never erase,
        Smilin' St. Nick with my daddy's face.

        Sweet memories keep falling into place,

        Who's strollin' up old New England roads,
        Out in the clear Connecticut cold?

        Snowbound family appears, all smiles and tears,
        They're everywhere and oh, don't you want to go?

        Up a nutmeg road, so many takin' us homebound Yankee souls
        A-goin', straight back home on our own Connecticut Christmas roads...

        ...a-goin' home to our own home grown
        Connecticut Christmas.

        (c) 2013 John Coggeshall
        Worldwide Administration Rights controlled by Cogco Music, LLC.