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Long sleepless nights in Easton Md. Cats running across my face while trying to sleep in New York City, and driving a 1960 GMC school bus in Manhattan for no money. Yes, I remember you. But, oh those block parties!!!
Great looking site. Think you did a bunch of your very own coding.
WOW What a blast from the past. Back in 1977 used to sneak in at 17 and act 21 at the Crow's Nest and dance, dance. 50 ways to leave your lover, etc. You had a really fun show. unforgettable
Back in the late eighties, early nineties, I used to stay at the HI in Oceanview, Va and I think it was Thursday nights that John Cog played in the bar. Great personality and a lot of fun with audience participation! Tie me kangaroo down Sport, tie me kangaroo down...woo, woo, woo! LOL
Wow, it has been SO many years... I remember so many of those crazy nights... Crow's Nest, Holiday Inn Northampton, Lake Wright, Ocean View...and other quickie shows here and there. Quite a career, my friend. I know my Dad and his wife loved you to the end. I wish I could introduce THAT John to my new gal - she would love you! Keep on playin' John - it really is what you love the most (well, besides your wife....) Take care, old friend.
I spent most of my Navy hitch listening to you at the Holiday Inn. I heard "Fifty Ways" today for the first time in years and thought of all the good times we had there. And now, damn you, I can't get "Was it you who did the pushin'" out of my head! If you ever do an album of all those great comedy songs, I will be queuing up for a copy. Thanks for so many wonderful evenings. Casey
wow john, back to music are ya? are you performing? where and when? i might just hop me a plane to see you!
Well Done John. Looking forward to hearing JohnCog live soon.
great webplace. Well thought out--the website, the songs, the business..etc.
John! I hadn't seen you in probably 20 years! I didn't even recognize you (Not implying you looked bad :) ) I'm Bryan and I play keys/vocals with the "Cakes". Would have loved for you to have come up and sang one! Take care! My mom and dad used to come out and see you. His name was Milton, and Mom's was Peggy. If you get a chance, check out our FB page. Thanks!
So what ever happened to "BROTHER JOHN"? yhr best original musical cast I was ever a part of only to perform in a living room.
John, I remember that back when you played in Va. Beach my whole family and I use to go and listen to you. You probably don't remember that. But we loved you.
Finally got the clips to play,,,,,,bought the mp3 and now need the disc ! LOVE the new sound. Might have to move Chris Rea down a peg to put you at the top of my favorites in the bluzy catagory
How good to see that music is still in your soul ! Can't thank you enough for all the good times around Tidewater ! The Bunny Hop through the kiddie pool in Ocean View or Tequila down Atlantic Ave, life was never dull around you ! Never will forget our white water rafting trip and the motel from an Alfred Hitchcock movie ! Miss you !
OMG I used to go hear him at the Holiday Inn. My dad and I loved his stuff. Then he played in another place off of Newton Road and my best friend and I used to go hear him there. We were 17 and NEVER got carded. He's an attorney now.....go John.
I love that Big Money Blues.
Way to go John, We all knew you had some Blues in you.