Pardon My Music

"BAY BLUES" - Buy the CD, Help the Bay!

Under blue summer skies under blue water lies something new: sophisticated blues. Music as blue as the water, style from folks on the shore. As an independent candidate with a "Save the Bay" campaign I lost an election. The bay has been losing for years: overfishing, oil spills, toxic waste, neglect and non-stop abuse. Interesting folks still live and work here, and because they have a style and maverick spirit that should be celebrated and shared (some say jailed and forgotten) a waterfront studio was built and songs were recorded about bay life: blue summer skies, the neighbor who spikes up a lemonade, the friend who packs up and sails off for war; plans, mistakes and love made, the end of a relationship, how tough it is stretching paychecks paper thin. The bay brings it home: peace, comfort, conflict, adventure, memories. It's time to give back. With great CD sales comes great responsibility. Net profit percentages from "Bay Blues" go towards restoring our good neighbor the bay. Order your copy today!